Where can you make money online?

Where can you make money online? It is a strange phenomenon today that so many people are unemployed and even those in jobs are still looking to make more money. With the development of the internet most people have headed for the virtual world hoping to make money online.

As should be expected there are many schemes and scams – plus a swarm of so-called gurus with the holy grail. Regrettably even the big players have hoodwinked the masses in to believing that all people need do to make money online is to post a link for them on a blog or website and the result will be instant wealth.

Well the truth is the average person is so gullible fortunes are being made on the internet – but not by the millions of internet marketers and bloggers – but rather by the likes of Google, Facebook and the slick snake skin sales -men and women.

Why not for just a moment take a step back and do some simple number to see whether chasing the dream of instant wealth through “adsense” makes sense – or through affiliate marketing. It is a basic fact that in order to make nay real money online it is necessary to have a blog or website to which there are hordes of visitors. Website visitors are commonly referred to as traffic. If you don’t have traffic to your site or blog then you can not make a dime.

Okay so let’s say you get some traffic – and you have “adsense” advertisements on your site. When a fraction of the traffic to your site clicks any of the advertisements you get paid for that. The problem is – while Google receives several dollars per click from its advertisers Google only passes on to you the poor sucker a few cents. Forgetting about how much Google receives and taking an example of where you might receive 10 cents a click how many clicks make a dollar for you? Yes – 10 clicks at 10 cents each will make you a whole dollar. and how many visitors are needed on your site for you to get 10 clicks? The numbers vary but for a non-targetted set of web surfers a 4 percent click rate is pretty good. To get 10 clicks so that you can make a dollar you must have 40 site visitors. TO make $10 you must have 400 visitors and to make $100 you must have 4000 visitors. Got the general picture?

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