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Okay now have a look at the number of visitors your site or blog has right now? And have a realistic look at how many hours of article writing,blogging, or facebooking you might need to spend in order to increase your website traffic.

Alternatively have a look at how much paid advertising is costing to generate traffic to your site. Over 90 percent of online marketers do not make a dime online. The remainder make a few nickels and some even a dollar or two from “Adsense” type activities.

The bottom line is don’t waste your time with the small change and think smarter.

Those for whom the light has already come on are into affiliate marketing – where if a click on an advertisement results in a sale or the supply by the clicker of their contact details you can receive several dollars – far more than what Google Adsense pays you. Unfortunately again over 90 percent of affiliate marketers fail to make a dime online. This is simply because they are not getting sufficient traffic to their blogs and websites. And it is unlikely that they ever will.


To be practical for a start it is essential to make sure the affiliate commission you might earn per sale is at least $30. The number of clicks per visitor is still going to be around 4 percent – as it makes no difference really whether the advertisement is a Google Ad or your own affiliate ad. However now if you have 10000 visitors and from them you get 400 clicks you would be lucky to have 4 sales. However that would make you about $120. So the result would be pleasing if only you had 10,000 website visitors. Unless the traffic to your site is of that magnitude you will continue to be asking “where can you make money online?”

If you can realize the futility of trying to get masses of traffic – and stop throwing away money on gimmicks promising you tons of traffic – focus on the real world and the fact that if you just spent your time more productive you could be earning $20 to $40 an hour doing real work. Some of it could be online and some of it could even be offline – in the real world. There are ample opportunities that provide good money for real work which can even lead to full-time employment and a profitable home business – dealing with people instead of playing games trying to generate traffic and strike it rich by luck. You have more chance winning the lottery than becoming an online millionaire!

If you are serious in asking “where can you make money online” it will be worth your while having a look at some of the best places where you can make money online

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